Professor Marcus Crastinator, it appears, has done everything. At eighty nine years of age, he has already changed the world in many glorious ways. But we soon find that he actually does nothing. He spends all of his time sitting in bed playing videogames in fact.

When his cute little dog goes missing however, Professor Crastinator finds himself once more having to discover the ever-changing world outside his front door, leading him inevitably to the one place he does not want to go...






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"This book was fantastical, strange, wonderful, odd, unique, bizarre, funny, unpredictable, exciting and entertaining. In short, it is a book that will be a favorite of any age reader from early teen even through adult."
Anthony Pettrone, www.readerviews.com



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"It makes sense, but it's unlike any kind of sense I've ever experienced. In fact I've tried to explain it to others and never seems to make sense when I do, but on the page it is never confusing. I'm halfway through my second reading because it is so good. It's like getting off a waterslide and wanting to run back to the top to start all over again."
Peter Humne, Portsmouth, UK




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