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“But why must everything change all the time?” pressed Lucy, stroking the blue dog in her lap all the while.

“If it doesn’t change it’ll all become boring,” the Professor immediately replied. “We can’t laugh at the same jokes forever. New jokes are a type of change. If we get fed up with an old joke then that too is a type of change.
“What you thought and did at three years of age is different to what you will like doing when you are twelve or twenty or sixty. Why? -Because of change. What you do at your age is different to what I did when I was that age. When I was your age I wore short trousers and was thrilled if I received a potato on Christmas morning. You wouldn’t be happy with that and that’s because things have changed. If everything stayed the same there would be no progress. None of us would get anything done, ever, because there would be no point in doing anything if everything was going to stay the same anyway!”





Q. So it's a kids' book, yes?

A. Yes and No. At what point does a child become a teenager or a teenager an adult? There is no easy answer, but this book charts each stage in its own unique way. Without the experience of adulthood this can't be seen. Yet many kids (10/ 11+) have loved the book without any need to appreciate anything other than a ripping great story.




"I have my own Ooyay, my little dog, Molly. She has been there since my life changed dramatically nine years ago. If I lost her I would make a giant effort to find her, just like Professor Crastinator.
READ THIS BOOK!! It is a classic which no one should miss!"

Marta Morrison, www.teensreadtoo.com







"I had no idea where it was going or what would happen next but that didn't matter because it was so much fun -and made perfect sense by the end. Amazing."
Alice McMahon, Glanford, UK



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by Stanley Rumm

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