by Stanley Rumm



Remember when anything was possible and life was an amazing adventure?

What begins as a childish tale is cut short when an old man loses his best friend.

Professor Crastinator is a carefree, world-renowned inventor, but without his little dog, Ooyay, he is nothing.

Nine year old Lucy Lucey feels responsible for the dog’s disappearance.
Together, the old man and young girl embark on a journey unlike anything that has ever been seen before. Anywhere.


Sometimes we can be too busy to appreciate the most important, simple pleasures.

Sometimes we need to make an effort to retrieve what is gone.

Sometimes we rediscover far more than we ever knew we had lost.


Ooyay. Once you discover, you will be changed.



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Childhood is a time when anything is possible. Anything can -and often does- happen. We don’t examine it to wonder if it is possible. We’re no more surprised by the extraordinary than we are by those facets of life we continue to encounter for the first time day by day. Life itself is an adventure.



Adolescence brings doubt, insecurity, confusion, upheaval, mystery, excitement. We can see our future, but we resist the commitment to a dreary, mundane existence where nothing is fun and everything is planned. We search for meaning in a seemingly-meaningless world. As part of that search, we feel the need to ditch our childish past, yet continue to carry it on our backs like a great sack that stunts our progression.



Adulthood is where we quit moaning about the broccoli and go find our own dinners. We put aside our childish ways and take control of our own selves and our own destiny. We pay the price and are prepared to suffer the consequences. It is a time where things are put in perspective and hopefully some clarity is found.



Maturity allows us to embrace the child within.




"This looks ok, but it isn't the type of thing I normally read."

I know. It's not the type of thing you read because there is nothing like Ooyay. Believe me.
There is no typical Ooyay reader. Ooyay is about change as much as it is about anything else- Changes in life, changes in how you view the world, changes in what you might like/ dislike.
It's fun, it's playful and thoughtful, but never schmaltzy or predictable.

Embrace this change. You'll be rewarded many times over.





"This must be the oddest, quirkiest, most original story I have read in years. It reads like a movie. I can see it. Sean Connery as Professor Crastinator. A young Natalie Portman type as Lucy. Brad Pitt as Blurt. Well done -and lookin forward to that movie!"
MerkinTheWarrior, somwhere




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by Stanley Rumm

ISBN-10: 1598582801
ISBN-13: 9781598582802
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 308
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing







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