by Stanley Rumm



"How refreshing it is to find an original tale nowadays with a beginning, a middle and a satisfactorily-conclusive ending."

-Monty Bartlett, Atlanta Book Review




               Blurt Johannsen had made hundreds of millions from selling his toenail-clippings internet site before the Dotcom-Bubble had burst. Since then, he wandered the planet in search of something to give meaning to his life. He already had everything money could buy, but there seemed to be nothing left for him to actually do.
               Besides meaning, there was only one other thing Blurt craved but couldn’t have: His eyesight.
               He used to be one of those children that sat too close to the television. This in itself was bad enough for his eyes, but it wasn’t the reason he went blind. He also watched television during every spare moment of the day. That too was bad for him, but in itself, didn’t explain his blindness... One day, whilst watching a movie, a man and a woman started kissing on-screen. Being the sensible young boy that he was, young Blurt had no time for that kind of carry-on. So, as he had always done before, he quickly raised his hands to block his eyes from the offending kiss. Unfortunately, he had forgotten he was eating his dinner at the time, and so he failed to put his knife and fork down first!





"Full of positivity and the joy of life! So uplifting! So original! "
Shandee Willis, somewhere





"To be honest, it took me a while to warm to this book. I wasn't sure it was for me. It was a bit childish I thought for the first few chapters. As it developed though, and especially after Matthew's story begins I found myself eager to read more and more. By the end I didn't want it to stop. The story is heartbreaking in some strange ways and very uplifting at the same time. Most bizarre. What's the next book gonna be? When's it out!?"
Bryan Pollover, Bufallo NY



               Things can only be said to be truly beautiful if there is some added flaw that contrasts against this beauty that shows us how striking the beautiful thing itself really is.
               Take a clear blue sky for instance. If you look up to see nothing but blue overhead you think nothing of it. “That’s the sky,” you think. Now add a little cloud far off to your right. This cloud is nothing special in itself. In fact it is a kind of flaw in the blueness of the sky. It has no place there since there is no cloud anywhere to be seen, except for that one small little cloud defacing the beautiful blue sky.
               However, because you see such a little cloud all on its own splodged onto such a large, open, clear blue sky, you think “oh that sky looks beautiful.” (If you don’t think that, there is something wrong with you. Seek advice or start looking at skies before it’s too late.)

                So it was with Lucy’s mother. Her eyes, ears and cheeks mirrored each other perfectly. She had perfectly-aligned teeth across a perfect mouth. Her nose was long (but not too long) and straight (but not too straight). Her hair was soft and always smooth and shiny. Her face was so perfect in fact it would have been easy to overlook just how perfect it was (in the same way you would overlook a blue sky), if it wasn’t for the large wart in the centre of her right cheek.
                Everything else on her face matched left-to-right so well, that the wart stuck out all the more and made you almost wish there was another one on her left cheek so it too would have a match. But this wart also enhanced Beauty Lucey’s face in the same way that the small cloud defines the size and scope and blueness of the clear blue sky. This wart caused everyone who looked on her to notice and appreciate how well the rest of her face fitted together. The most common phrase people would use upon first meeting Lucy’s mother was “Oh my, you have a beautiful wart.”





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by Stanley Rumm

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